New Commnity Organic Garden in Forest Park Safeguards Old Rustic Skills

One of the ideals of those that founded the Terryland Forest Park project in 1999 came to fruition with the establishment of a broad-based community organic garden in 2010. It is located in the Forest Park adjacent to the large housing estates of Ballinfoile and Castlegar.

This garden, managed by a volunteer committee representing a wide section of the local community, not only plants vegeatables and fruits organically, but also provides workshops on hurdling, hedgerow planting, drystone walling and other traditional rural skills that have almost disappeared from living memory.
These skills are being used by the course participants to add on new features to the garden, from a pond to a perimeter hedgerow.
Click here to learn about its official opening by the Galway city Mayor in Summer 2010

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