Jan 2009: Increase In Anti-Social Activities, while Concern Grows Over Failure of Forest Steering Committee To Meet.But Optimism Over Community Garden

Trolley in Terryland River & Refuse along its Riverbank (near Dunnes Stores) : Dec 2008

Remains of Bushing Drinking in Terryland Forest Park: Dec 2008

Litter & Remnants of destructive Fires in Terryland Park: Dec 2008

There is grave disappointment amongst local environmental activists that, in spite of all our public campaigning, the inter-sectoral and community-orientated Terryland Forest Steering Committee has not meet since a brief meeting in June 2008.Litter from Anti-Social Activities in Terryland Forest Park: Dec 2008

In response to our high-profile lobbying and our 10,000 named petition, City Hall commissioned a consultancy report in April to review and make recommendations on re-energising the committee and on implementing the park's core principles (see previous articles).
This was well received by the Friends of the Forest group. In good faith concerned members of the steering committee were invited by the consultant appointed to meet with him and to present written submissions outlining their hopes and aspirations for the park project.
Unfortunately due to unforeseen personal circumstances, the consultant was not able to complete the report in the expected time period. This was made known to some members just prior to Christmas with a verbal committment that the final report would be presented to a meeting of the steering committee this month.Dumping in stream running through Terryland Forest Park: Dec 2008

Remnants from Destructive Fires in Terryland Forest Park: Dec 2008

The one bit of good news is that Stephen Walsh, City Parks' Superintendent, has given the green light to a proposal from a Ballinfoile Mor residents-agency group (that includes a number of Friends of the Forest activists) to establish a community garden within the park once anticipated funding comes through.
If Galway City Council is to regain its reputation in this area and to re-engage the public with hands-on ecological activities, time is running out.
Spring -once the time for popular family Plantings (Plantathons) in Terryland Forest in the 2000-2003 period- is not far off.
Furthermore as the photos below demonstrate, the park itself is now suffering badly from litter, bush drinking and anti-social behaviour.

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